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Silsoe College Celebration

Welcome to the Silsoe College Timeline

Open to all to add events and memories - the whole site is editable and free for everyone to add things *...

Photos currently disabled - back soon

As a result of spamming there is now a default edit password on everything - if you're connected with Silsoe and can't guess it I'll be surprised, but any problems, email me.

A celebration was held at Silsoe on the 23rd June 2007 to celebrate the many years of achievements from activities at the Silsoe college site.

The event was hugely enjoyed by all who came, and although it has now passed, this website will stay live to collect and spread photos and reminiscences of all who have an association with Silsoe Campus in any way.

Hundreds of photographs have been submitted, and these have been updated since the event - all are now online grouped by year.

Because of the number of photos, the website is in two parts - the text is a "Wiki" - so it can be updated and added to by anyone.*

The photos are in a gallery all to themselves, where you can also upload and add coments.

Keep up to date by clicking "Recent Changes" to see what's changed on that part of the site (Timeline, Photos etc)

If you're new to this Wiki business, see the links on the left hand side - but basically click through like a normal webpage, if you see something you want to add to, click any of the "Edit" buttons/links and you can change the text - yourself.

*Yes, as it is editable anyone can change anything - but please contribute, don't be nasty!

In order to avoid junk, the homepage is fixed - the photo upload password is available on request or should have been mailed out to most people by now - but it's not difficult to guess!-

Current Silsoe Website

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